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2D-3D Automatic Mesh Generation

9 years 5 months ago
2D-3D Automatic Mesh Generation
NETGEN is an open source automatic mesh generation tool for two and three dimensions. It comes as a stand alone program with graphical user interface, or as a C++ library to be linked into an other application. Netgen is available for Unix/Linux and Windows 98/NT. Netgen generates triangular or quadrilateral meshes in 2D, and tetrahedral meshes in 3D. The input for 2D is described by spline curves, and the input for 3D problems is either defined by constructive solid geometries (CSG) or by the standard STL file format. NETGEN contains modules for mesh optimization and hierarchical mesh refinement. Curved elements are supported of arbitrary order.
Joachim Schöberl
Added 30 Nov 2008
Updated 23 May 2009
Authors Joachim Schöberl
Language C++
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msabry.jpgAmazing Mesh Generation

During participating in a surgical simulation project where we need to simulate the brain deformation using finite element analysis, we needed to generate the 3D mesh of the segmented brain as a preprocessing step. I have tested several open source packages regarding this issue until I finally came across NETGEN. NETGEN is very robust, fast, and come with easy to use UI. For our case, the input was STL file format generated from PGM file format using vtk. The program rendering quality is amazing suitable for taking snapshots for publications. If you are a programmer, NETGEN offers you as well C++ classes to read the underlying geometry. I would definitely recommend this software.

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