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Newmat C++ matrix library

10 years 5 months ago
Newmat C++ matrix library
A great flexible easy to use C++ library that is intended for scientists and engineers. The library supports the following matrix types: Matrix (rectangular matrix), UpperTriangularMatrix, LowerTriangularMatrix, DiagonalMatrix, SymmetricMatrix, BandMatrix, UpperBandMatrix, LowerBandMatrix, SymmetricBandMatrix, IdentityMatrix, RowVector, ColumnVector. It also solves the least squares, linear equation solve, and eigenvalue problems.
Added 13 Dec 2008
Updated 13 Dec 2008
Language C++
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msabry.jpgSimilar to Matlab

I heavily used this library to convert my protoype matrix-based programs in Matlab into C++. The library is very easy to use. The learning curve is so quick. The documentation is enough to start using the newmat.

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