8 years 5 months ago
Rapid phonetic transcription using everyday life natural Chat Alphabet orthography for dialectal Arabic speech recognition
We propose the Arabic Chat Alphabet (ACA) as naturally written in everyday life for dialectal Arabic speech transcription. Our assumption is that ACA is a natural language that in...
Mohamed Elmahdy, Rainer Gruhn, Slim Abdennadher, W...
8 years 11 months ago
CATiB: The Columbia Arabic Treebank
The Columbia Arabic Treebank (CATiB) is a database of syntactic analyses of Arabic sentences. CATiB contrasts with previous approaches to Arabic treebanking in its emphasis on spe...
Nizar Habash, Ryan Roth
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8 years 11 months ago
Mining Arabic Business Reviews
For languages with rich content over the web, business reviews are easily accessible via many known websites, e.g., For languages with poor content over the web like Arab...
Mohamed Elhawary, Mohamed G. Elfeky
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9 years 1 months ago
Recognition of off-line printed Arabic text using Hidden Markov Models
This paper describes a technique for automatic recognition of off-line printed Arabic text using Hidden Markov Models. In this work different sizes of overlapping and non-overlapp...
Husni A. Al-Muhtaseb, Sabri A. Mahmoud, Rami Qahwa...
9 years 2 months ago
A Formal Description of Arabic Syntax in Definite Clause Grammar
Arabic has some special syntax features which lead to complex syntax structures. We have developed a formal description of Arabic syntax in Definite Clause Grammar. This grarnrnar...
Hisham El-Shishiny
9 years 2 months ago
TIPS: A Translingual Information Processing System
Searching online information is increasingly a daily activity for many people. The multilinguality of online content is also increasing (e.g. the proportion of English web users, ...
Yaser Al-Onaizan, Radu Florian, Martin Franz, Hany...
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9 years 2 months ago
A Pilot Arabic Propbank
In this paper, we present the details of creating a pilot Arabic proposition bank (Propbank). Propbanks exist for both English and Chinese. However the morphological and syntactic...
Martha Palmer, Olga Babko-Malaya, Ann Bies, Mona D...
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9 years 2 months ago
Arabic Word Segmentation for Better Unit of Analysis
The Arabic language has a very rich morphology where a word is composed of zero or more prefixes, a stem and zero or more suffixes. This makes Arabic data sparse compared to other...
Yassine Benajiba, Imed Zitouni
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9 years 2 months ago
Fine-Grain Morphological Analyzer and Part-of-Speech Tagger for Arabic Text
Morphological analyzers and part-of-speech taggers are key technologies for most text analysis applications. Our aim is to develop a part-of-speech tagger for annotating a wide ra...
Majdi Sawalha, Eric Atwell
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9 years 2 months ago
An Automatically Built Named Entity Lexicon for Arabic
We have successfully adapted and extended the automatic Multilingual, Interoperable Named Entity Lexicon approach to Arabic, using Arabic WordNet (AWN) and Arabic Wikipedia (AWK)....
Mohammed Attia, Antonio Toral, Lamia Tounsi, Monic...