9 years 4 months ago
Algebraic aspects of some Riordan arrays related to binary words avoiding a pattern
We consider some Riordan arrays related to binary words avoiding a pattern p, which can be easily studied by means of an A-matrix rather than their A-sequence. Both concepts allow...
Donatella Merlini, Renzo Sprugnoli
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9 years 9 months ago
On the Injectivity of the Parikh Matrix Mapping
In this paper we investigate the injectivity of the Parikh matrix mapping. This research is done mainly on the binary alphabet. We identify a family of binary words, refered to as...
Adrian Atanasiu, Carlos Martín-Vide, Alexan...
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9 years 9 months ago
Computing Binary Combinatorial Gray Codes Via Exhaustive Search With SAT Solvers
The term binary combinatorial Gray code refers to a list of binary words such that the Hamming distance between two neighboring words is one and the list satisfies some additional ...
Igor Zinovik, Daniel Kroening, Yury Chebiryak
141views more  COMBINATORICS 2006»
9 years 9 months ago
Binary Words Containing Infinitely Many Overlaps
We characterize the squares occurring in infinite overlap-free binary words and construct various power-free binary words containing infinitely many overlaps.
James D. Currie, Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey Shallit
88views more  DM 2008»
9 years 9 months ago
Bijective proofs of Gould's and Rothe's identities
We first give a bijective proof of Gould's identity in the model of binary words. Then we deduce Rothe's identity from Gould's identity again by a bijection, which a...
Victor J. W. Guo