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267views more  CVIU 2010»
11 years 11 months ago
Accelerated hardware video object segmentation: From foreground detection to connected components labelling
This paper demonstrates the use of a single-chip FPGA for the segmentation of moving objects in a video sequence. The system maintains highly accurate background models, and integ...
Kofi Appiah, Andrew Hunter, Patrick Dickinson, Hon...
12 years 1 months ago
The intersection of two ruled surfaces
This article presents an efficient and robust algorithm that computes the intersection curve of two ruled surfaces. The surface intersection problem is reformulated as a zero-set ...
Hee-Seok Heo, Myung-Soo Kim, Gershon Elber
114views Algorithms» more  AAECC 2005»
12 years 1 months ago
The adjacency graph of a real algebraic surface
Abstract. The paper deals with the question of recognizing the mutual positions of the connected components of a non-singular real projective surface S in the real projective 3-spa...
Elisabetta Fortuna, Patrizia M. Gianni, Domenico L...
85views more  COMBINATORICS 2007»
12 years 2 months ago
Maximum Cardinality 1-Restricted Simple 2-Matchings
A simple 2-matching in a graph is a subgraph all of whose nodes have degree 1 or 2. A simple 2-matching is called k-restricted if every connected component has > k edges. We co...
David Hartvigsen
142views more  BMCBI 2006»
12 years 2 months ago
Correlated fragile site expression allows the identification of candidate fragile genes involved in immunity and associated with
Background: Common fragile sites (cfs) are specific regions in the human genome that are particularly prone to genomic instability under conditions of replicative stress. Several ...
Angela Re, Davide Corà, Alda Maria Puliti, ...
12 years 2 months ago
Expansion properties of a random regular graph after random vertex deletions
We investigate the following vertex percolation process. Starting with a random regular graph of constant degree, delete each vertex independently with probability p, where p = n-...
Catherine S. Greenhill, Fred B. Holt, Nicholas C. ...
114views more  DM 2008»
12 years 2 months ago
Subdivisions of graphs: A generalization of paths and cycles
One of the basic results in graph theory is Dirac's theorem, that every graph of order n 3 and minimum degree n/2 is Hamiltonian. This may be restated as: if a graph of ord...
Ch. Sobhan Babu, Ajit A. Diwan
12 years 2 months ago
A skeleton-based method for multi-oriented video text detection
In this paper, we propose a method based on the skeletonization operation for multi-oriented video text detection. The first step uses our existing Laplacian-based method to ident...
Trung Quy Phan, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Chew Li...
124views Computer Vision» more  MVA 1992»
12 years 3 months ago
Separation of Textual and Non-textual Information within Mixed-Mode Documents
An increasing number of comfortable publishing systems nowadays leads to documents containing more than just textual information. Graphics and images are combined with text and of...
Frank Hönes, Rainer Zimmer
138views Computer Vision» more  MVA 1994»
12 years 3 months ago
A High-Speed Document Image Classifier
In this paper, a high-speed document image classification algorithm is presented. The algorithm is based on the bottom-up strategy which can successfully segment and classify any ...
Lejun Shao