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9 years 10 months ago
Predicting success of oligomerized pool engineering (OPEN) for zinc finger target site sequences
Background: Precise and efficient methods for gene targeting are critical for detailed functional analysis of genomes and regulatory networks and for potentially improving the eff...
Jeffry D. Sander, Deepak Reyon, Morgan L. Maeder, ...
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9 years 10 months ago
XplorSeq: A software environment for integrated management and phylogenetic analysis of metagenomic sequence data
Background: Advances in automated DNA sequencing technology have accelerated the generation of metagenomic DNA sequences, especially environmental ribosomal RNA gene (rDNA) sequen...
Daniel N. Frank
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9 years 10 months ago
Informatics in neuroscience
The application of informatics to neuroscience goes far beyond ‘traditional’ bioinformatics modalities such as DNA sequences. In this review, we describe how informatics is be...
Leon French, Paul Pavlidis
9 years 12 months ago
Combinatorial Approaches to Finding Subtle Signals in DNA Sequences
Signal nding pattern discovery in unaligned DNA sequences is a fundamental problem in both computer science and molecular biology with important applications in locating regulator...
Pavel A. Pevzner, Sing-Hoi Sze
9 years 12 months ago
Computational Applications of DNA Structural Scales
We study from a computational standpoint several different physicalscales associatedwith structural features of DNA sequences, including dinucleotide scales such as base stacking ...
Pierre Baldi, Søren Brunak, Yves Chauvin, A...
10 years 6 hour ago
Mutual Information Content of Homologous DNA Sequences
The necessary information to reproduce and keep an organism is codified in acid nucleic molecules. Deepening the knowledge about how the information is stored in these bio-sequence...
Luciana Pessoa, Helena Cristina da Gama Leit&atild...
10 years 7 hour ago
Case Study: Visualization of annotated DNA sequences
DNA sequences and their annotations form ever expanding data sets. Proper explorations of such data sets require new tools for visualization and analysis. In this case study, we h...
Tim H. J. M. Peeters, Huub van de Wetering, Mark W...
10 years 23 hour ago
Word Sense Disambiguation Using Pairwise Alignment
In this paper, we proposed a new supervised word sense disambiguation (WSD) method based on a pairwise alignment technique, which is used generally to measure a similarity between...
Koichi Yamashita, Keiichi Yoshida, Yukihiro Itoh
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10 years 1 days ago
A Combined Model and a Varied Gibbs Sampling Algorithm Used for Motif Discovery
The conserved sequences in gene regulatory regions dominate gene regulation. Discovering these sequences and their functions is important in post genome era. A novel model is cons...
Xiaoming Wu, Bo Wang, Changxin Song, Jingzhi Cheng
108views Bioinformatics» more  APBC 2004»
10 years 1 days ago
Ladderlike Stepping and Interval Jumping Searching Algorithms for DNA Sequences
In this study we have designed a novel algorithm for searching common segments in multiple DNA sequences. To improve efficiency in pattern searching, combination of hashing encodi...
Tun-Wen Pai, Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang, Jia-Han Chu,...