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8 years 12 months ago
Correlation and prediction of gene expression level from amino acid and dipeptide composition of its protein
Background: A large number of papers have been published on analysis of microarray data with particular emphasis on normalization of data, detection of differentially expressed ge...
Gajendra P. S. Raghava, Joon H. Han
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9 years 1 days ago
MotifCombinator: a web-based tool to search for combinations of cis-regulatory motifs
Background: A combination of multiple types of transcription factors and cis-regulatory elements is often required for gene expression in eukaryotes, and the combinatorial regulat...
Mamoru Kato, Tatsuhiko Tsunoda
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9 years 2 days ago
Biclustering of gene expression data by non-smooth non-negative matrix factorization
Background: The extended use of microarray technologies has enabled the generation and accumulation of gene expression datasets that contain expression levels of thousands of gene...
Pedro Carmona-Saez, Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui, Fra...
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9 years 4 days ago
Robust test method for time-course microarray experiments
Background: In a time-course microarray experiment, the expression level for each gene is observed across a number of time-points in order to characterize the temporal trajectorie...
Insuk Sohn, Kouros Owzar, Stephen L. George, Sujon...
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9 years 4 days ago
Detecting multivariate differentially expressed genes
Background: Gene expression is governed by complex networks, and differences in expression patterns between distinct biological conditions may therefore be complex and multivariat...
Roland Nilsson, José M. Peña, Johan ...
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9 years 4 days ago
A Population Proportion approach for ranking differentially expressed genes
Background: DNA microarrays are used to investigate differences in gene expression between two or more classes of samples. Most currently used approaches compare mean expression l...
Mugdha Gadgil