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124views more  JCP 2008»
12 years 3 months ago
Novel Fuzzy Logic Controllers with Self-Tuning Capability
Two controllers which extend the PD+I fuzzy logic controller to deal with the plant having time varying nonlinear dynamics are proposed. The adaptation ability of the first self tu...
Fong Chwee Teng, Ahmad Lotfi, Ah Chung Tsoi
144views more  JCIT 2008»
12 years 3 months ago
Design Methodology of a Controller to Forecast the Uncertain Cardiac Arrest Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
The main objective of design methodology of a controller for forecasting cardiac arrest using fuzzy logic approach is to provide the prediction of period of life time for the pati...
Nalayini Natarajan, Wahida Banu
105views Education» more  CORR 2010»
12 years 3 months ago
Fuzzy Controller for Matrix Converter System to Improve its Quality of Output
: In this paper, Fuzzy Logic controller is developed for ac/ac Matrix Converter. Furthermore, Total Harmonic Distortion is reduced significantly. Space Vector Algorithm is a method...
Nagalingam Mahendran, G. Gurusamy
117views Fuzzy Logic» more  EUSFLAT 2003»
12 years 5 months ago
Genetic fuzzy controllers: from simulated based learning to a real application
This work shows a stand-alone photovoltaic system application based on fuzzy logic controllers and genetic fuzzy systems. A hierarchical fuzzy controller has been designed that at...
Joaquín Cañada Bago, Jorge Aguilera,...
119views Fuzzy Logic» more  EUSFLAT 2001»
12 years 5 months ago
Optimization of evolutionary strategies to achieve knowledge in faded temporal fuzzy logic controllers
In this document we cany out a comparative analysis of the reasoning strategies implemented in Fuzzy Logic Controllers (hereinafter FLCs) and Faded Temporal Fuzzy Logic Controller...
Manuel A. Gadeo Martos, Juan R. Velasco Pér...
102views Fuzzy Logic» more  EUSFLAT 2007»
12 years 5 months ago
Fuzzy Multiagent Distributed Assembly Chart Planning in Agriculture
Agriculture in Russia has some specifics such as large distribution, inclement climate and big market competition. Appearing of resources-economy, precision and management technol...
E. Tikhonov
12 years 7 months ago
Intelligent Control of Mobile Agent Based on Fuzzy Neural Network in Intelligent Robotic Space
This paper introduces Fuzzy Neural Network controller to increase the ability of a mobile robot in reacting to the dynamic environments. States of robot and environment, for exampl...
TaeSeok Jin, HongChul Kim, JangMyung Lee
132views Robotics» more  ICRA 2002»
12 years 8 months ago
Fuzzy Logic Based Autonomous Skid Steering Vehicle Navigation
– A two-layer fuzzy logic controller has been designed for 2-D autonomous navigation of a skid steering vehicle in an obstacle filled environment. The first layer of the fuzzy co...
Lefteris Doitsidis, Kimon P. Valavanis, Nikos Tsou...
247views Hardware» more  EH 2003»
12 years 9 months ago
Evolvable Building Blocks for Analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers
This work discusses the use of an Evolvable Hardware (EHW) platform in the synthesis of analog electronic circuits for Fuzzy Logic Controllers. A Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) is d...
Jorge Luís Machado do Amaral, José F...