9 years 7 days ago
Automatic Programming of Robots Using Genetic Programming
The goal in automatic programming is to get a computer to perform a task by telling it what needs to be done, rather than by explicitly programming it. This paper considers the ta...
John R. Koza, James Rice
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9 years 12 days ago
Evolution of Graph-Like Programs with Parallel Distributed Genetic Programming
Parallel Distributed Genetic Programming (PDGP) is a new form of Genetic Programming (GP) suitable for the development of programs with a high degree of parallelism. Programs are ...
Riccardo Poli
9 years 13 days ago
Guided Genetic Programming
This paper argues that genetic programming has not made good on its promise to generate computer programs automatically. It then describes an approach that would allow that promise...
Russ Abbott
9 years 14 days ago
Genetic Programming Reconsidered
Even though the Genetic Programming (GP) mechanism is capable of evolving any computable function, the means through which it does so is inherently flawed: the user must provide th...
Russ Abbott, Behzad Parviz, Chengyu Sun
9 years 14 days ago
Introducing GEMS - A Novel Technique for Ensemble Creation
The main contribution of this paper is to suggest a novel technique for automatic creation of accurate ensembles. The technique proposed, named GEMS, first trains a large number o...
Ulf Johansson, Tuve Löfström, Rikard K&o...
9 years 14 days ago
Using distributed genetic programming to evolve classifiers for a brain computer interface
The objective of this paper is to illustrate the application of genetic programming to evolve classifiers for multi-channel time series data. The paper shows how high performance d...
Eva Alfaro-Cid, Anna Esparcia-Alcázar, Ken ...
9 years 15 days ago
Improving gene expression programming performance by using differential evolution
Gene Expression Programming (GEP) is an evolutionary algorithm that incorporates both the idea of a simple, linear chromosome of fixed length used in Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and...
Qiongyun Zhang, Chi Zhou, Weimin Xiao, Peter C. Ne...
9 years 15 days ago
Genetic Programming meets Model-Driven Development
Genetic programming is known to provide good solutions for many problems like the evolution of network protocols and distributed algorithms. In such cases it is most likely a hard...
Thomas Weise, Michael Zapf, Mohammad Ullah Khan, K...
9 years 18 days ago
Evolving images for entertainment
Images are widely used in media contexts such as web design, games and video animation. The process of creating interesting images can be enjoyable if a useful tool is involved. I...
Qinying Xu, Daryl J. D'Souza, Victor Ciesielski