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101views more  JCM 2007»
11 years 11 months ago
Heart Failure Monitoring System Based on Wearable and Information Technologies
—In Europe, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are the leading source of death, causing 45% of all deceases. Besides, Heart Failure, the paradigm of CVD, mainly affects people older t...
Elena Villalba, María Teresa Arredondo, Man...
201views more  BMCBI 2005»
11 years 11 months ago
A comparative study of discriminating human heart failure etiology using gene expression profiles
Background: Human heart failure is a complex disease that manifests from multiple genetic and environmental factors. Although ischemic and non-ischemic heart disease present clini...
Xiaohong Huang, Wei Pan, Suzanne Grindle, Xinqiang...
12 years 1 months ago
An Approach to Decision Support in Heart Failure
Chronic heart failure is a severe clinical syndrome among the most remarkable for prevalence and morbidity in the developed western countries. The European STREP project HEARTFAID ...
Sara Colantonio, Massimo Martinelli, Davide Moroni...
174views Healthcare» more  MIE 2008»
12 years 1 months ago
Semantic Web Ontology Utilization for Heart Failure Expert System Design
In this work we present the usage of semantic web knowledge representation formalism (OWL) in combination with general purpose reasoning for building a medical expert system. The a...
Marin Prcela, Dragan Gamberger, Alan Jovic