9 years 15 days ago
Toward network coding-based protocols for data broadcasting in wireless Ad Hoc networks
In this paper we consider practical dissemination algorithms exploiting network coding for data broadcasting in ad hoc wireless networks. For an efcient design, we analyze issues r...
Alfred Asterjadhi, Elena Fasolo, Michele Rossi, J&...
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9 years 16 days ago
Capacity Scaling of Wireless Networks With Inhomogeneous Node Density: Lower Bounds
Abstract-- We consider static ad hoc wireless networks comprising significant inhomogeneities in the node spatial distribution over the area, and analyze the scaling laws of their ...
Giusi Alfano, Michele Garetto, Emilio Leonardi, Va...
183views more  TCOM 2011»
9 years 23 days ago
Multi-Antenna Communication in Ad Hoc Networks: Achieving MIMO Gains with SIMO Transmission
—The benefit of multi-antenna receivers is investigated in wireless ad hoc networks, and the main finding is that network throughput can be made to scale linearly with the numb...
Nihar Jindal, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Steven Weber
121views Communications» more  ICC 2009»
9 years 3 months ago
Throughput Scaling of Wireless Networks With Random Connections
This work studies the throughput scaling laws of ad hoc wireless networks in the limit of a large number of nodes. A random connections model is assumed in which the channel connec...
Shengshan Cui, Alexander M. Haimovich, Oren Somekh...
189views more  TON 2002»
9 years 5 months ago
Mobility increases the capacity of ad hoc wireless networks
Abstract--The capacity of ad hoc wireless networks is constrained by the mutual interference of concurrent transmissions between nodes. We study a model of an ad hoc network where ...
Matthias Grossglauser, David N. C. Tse
147views more  TMC 2002»
9 years 5 months ago
Energy-Aware Wireless Networking with Directional Antennas: The Case of Session-Based Broadcasting and Multicasting
We consider ad hoc wireless networks that use directional antennas and have limited energy resources. To explore quantitatively the advantage offered by the use of directional ante...
Jeffrey E. Wieselthier, Gam D. Nguyen, Anthony Eph...
158views more  TWC 2008»
9 years 5 months ago
Transmission capacity of ad hoc networks with spatial diversity
This paper derives the outage probability and transmission capacity of ad hoc wireless networks with nodes employing multiple antenna diversity techniques, for a general class of ...
Andrew M. Hunter, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Steven Weber
93views more  JUCS 2007»
9 years 5 months ago
Quality of Service Routing in a MANET with OLSR
: Ad hoc wireless networks have enormous commercial and military potential because of their self-organizing capacity and mobility support. However, some specificities of these net...
Dang-Quan Nguyen, Pascale Minet
116views more  ADHOC 2005»
9 years 5 months ago
Power efficient routing trees for ad hoc wireless networks using directional antenna
In ad hoc wireless networks, nodes are typically powered by batteries. Therefore saving energy has become a very important objective, and different algorithms have been proposed t...
Fei Dai, Qing Dai, Jie Wu
218views more  NETWORK 2006»
9 years 5 months ago
Quality of service for packet telephony over mobile ad hoc networks
IP telephony over mobile ad hoc networks is a topic of emerging interest in the research arena as one of the paths toward the fixed-mobile convergence in telecommunications networ...
Paolo Giacomazzi, Luigi Musumeci, Giuseppe Caizzon...