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11 years 9 months ago
Discrete regression methods on the cone of positive-definite matrices
We consider the problem of fitting a discrete curve to time-labeled data points on the set Pn of all n-by-n symmetric positive-definite matrices. The quality of a curve is measu...
Nicolas Boumal, Pierre-Antoine Absil
12 years 15 days ago
Maximum Metric Score Training for Coreference Resolution
A large body of prior research on coreference resolution recasts the problem as a two-class classification problem. However, standard supervised machine learning algorithms that m...
Shanheng Zhao, Hwee Tou Ng
135views more  TIFS 2010»
12 years 22 days ago
Distance Metric Learning for Content Identification
This paper considers a distance metric learning (DML) algorithm for a fingerprinting system, which identifies a query content by finding the fingerprint in the database (DB) that m...
Dalwon Jang, Chang Dong Yoo, Ton Kalker
149views more  SIAMMAX 2010»
12 years 23 days ago
The Condition Metric in the Space of Rectangular Full Rank Matrices
The condition metric in spaces of polynomial systems has been introduced and studied in a series of papers by Beltr
Paola Boito, Jean-Pierre Dedieu
97views more  IJMMSC 2010»
12 years 25 days ago
Equivalence of the Apollonian and Its Inner Metric
In this paper we show that the equivalence of the Apollonian metric and its inner metric remains unchanged by the removal of a point from the domain. For this we need to assume tha...
Peter Hästö, S. Ponnusamy, Swadesh K. Sa...
12 years 29 days ago
A New Geometric Metric in the Space of Curves, and Applications to Tracking Deforming Objects by Prediction and Filtering
We define a novel metric on the space of closed planar curves which decomposes into three intuitive components. According to this metric centroid translations, scale changes and ...
Ganesh Sundaramoorthi, Andrea Mennucci, Stefano So...
121views more  IJAHUC 2011»
12 years 29 days ago
An interference and load aware routing metric for Wireless Mesh Networks
: This paper proposes a load and interference-aware routing metric for wireless mesh networks, named Channel Utilisation and Contention Window Based (C2WB) metric. Our metric assig...
Lan Tien Nguyen, Razvan Beuran, Yoichi Shinoda
12 years 3 months ago
A new perceptual quality metric for compressed video
This paper presents a new video quality metric for automatically estimating the perceptual quality of compressed video sequences. Distortion measures such as the mean squared erro...
Abharana Bhat, Iain E. Garden Richardson, C. Sampa...
12 years 3 months ago
Feasibility of Human-in-the-loop Minimum Error Rate Training
Minimum error rate training (MERT) involves choosing parameter values for a machine translation (MT) system that maximize performance on a tuning set as measured by an automatic e...
Omar Zaidan, Chris Callison-Burch
12 years 3 months ago
Generalized Tardiness Quantile Metric: Distributed DVS for Soft Real-Time Web Clusters
Performing QoS (Quality of Service) control in large computing systems requires an on line metric that is representative of the real state of the system. The Tardiness Quantile Me...
Luciano Bertini, Julius C. B. Leite, Daniel Moss&e...