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112views Optimization» more  PE 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
Design and analysis of adaptive strategies for locating internet-based servers in MANETs
A critical problem in providing Internet access to Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) is how the mobile hosts can locate Internet-based servers efficiently in a dynamic, unstructure...
Hongbo Jiang, Shudong Jin
103views more  WINET 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
IP Paging Service for Mobile Hosts
In wireless networks, mobile hosts must update the network with their current location in order to get packets delivered. Paging facilitates efficient power management at the mobil...
Ramachandran Ramjee, Erran L. Li, Thomas F. La Por...
155views more  TPDS 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
Extended Dominating-Set-Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with Unidirectional Links
Efficient routing among a set of mobile hosts (also called nodes) is one of the most important functions in ad hoc wireless networks. Routing based on a connected dominating set is...
Jie Wu
100views more  DPD 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
Managing real-time database transactions in mobile ad-hoc networks
In a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET), mobile hosts can move freely and communicate with each other directly through a wireless medium without the existence of a fixed wired infrastr...
Le Gruenwald, Shankar M. Banik, Chuo N. Lau
168views more  COMCOM 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
An efficient cluster-based multi-channel management protocol for wireless Ad Hoc networks
—In Ad Hoc networking, cluster-based communication protocol can reduce large amount of flooding packets in route establishment process. However, the 802.11 medium access control ...
Gwo-Jong Yu, Chih-Yung Chang
91views more  ADHOC 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Quality of service provisioning in ad hoc wireless networks: a survey of issues and solutions
An ad hoc wireless network (AWN) is a collection of mobile hosts forming a temporary network on the fly, without using any fixed infrastructure. Characteristics of AWNs such as la...
Tamma Bheemarjuna Reddy, I. Karthigeyan, B. S. Man...
87views Education» more  CORR 2010»
11 years 1 months ago
Publishing and Discovery of Mobile Web Services in Peer to Peer Networks
: It is now feasible to host Web Services on a mobile device due to the advances in cellular devices and mobile communication technologies. However, the reliability, usability and ...
Satish Narayana Srirama
11 years 2 months ago
Supporting Mobility in MosquitoNet
The goal of the MosquitoNet project is to provide continuous Internet connectivity to mobile hosts. Mobile hosts must be able to take advantage of the best network connectivity av...
Mary Baker, Xinhua Zhao, Stuart Cheshire, Jonathan...
11 years 2 months ago
Secure Short-Cut Routing for Mobile IP
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of a mobile IP system. It allows mobile hosts to roam between cells implemented with 2-Mbps radio base stations, while mai...
Trevor Blackwell, Kee Chan, Koling Chang, Thomas C...
11 years 5 months ago
Interoperation of Mobile IPv6 and Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode
This paper discusses different approaches of providing multicast traffic for mobile hosts. Mobile IPv6 is used for mobility support. The network employs Protocol Independent Multi...
Christian Bettstetter, Anton Riedl, Gerhard Ge&szl...