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12 years 2 months ago
Functional Categorization of Objects using Real-time Markerless Motion Capture
Unsupervised categorization of objects is a fundamental problem in computer vision. While appearance-based methods have become popular recently, other important cues like function...
Juergen Gall, Andrea Fossati, Luc VanGool
174views Biometrics» more  GW 2009»
12 years 3 months ago
Towards a Gesture-Sound Cross-Modal Analysis
This article reports on the exploration of a method based on canonical correlation analysis (CCA) for the analysis of the relationship between gesture and sound in the context of m...
Baptiste Caramiaux, Frédéric Bevilac...
105views more  JVCA 2010»
12 years 4 months ago
Conditional stochastic simulation for character animation
In a context of interactive applications, adapting motion capture data to new situations or producing variants of them are known as non trivial tasks. We propose an original metho...
N. Courty, Anne Cuzol
172views more  TOG 2002»
12 years 5 months ago
Motion capture assisted animation: texturing and synthesis
We discuss a method for creating animations that allows the animator to sketch an animation by setting a small number of keyframes on a fraction of the possible degrees of freedom...
Katherine Pullen, Christoph Bregler
108views more  TOG 2002»
12 years 5 months ago
Motion graphs
In this paper we present a novel method for creating realistic, controllable motion. Given a corpus of motion capture data, we automatically construct a directed graph called a mo...
Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher, Frederic H. Pighin
133views more  TOG 2002»
12 years 5 months ago
Interactive motion generation from examples
There are many applications that demand large quantities of natural looking motion. It is difficult to synthesize motion that looks natural, particularly when it is people who mus...
Okan Arikan, David A. Forsyth
151views more  JVCA 2007»
12 years 5 months ago
Organizing motions with a nominal description
Due to the success of motion capture technologies, large motion capture data becomes available. Although organizing large databases has been widely researched for various purposes...
Min Je Park, Jieun Cho
191views more  IJCV 2008»
12 years 6 months ago
Searching for Complex Human Activities with No Visual Examples
Abstract We describe a method of representing human activities that allows a collection of motions to be queried without examples, using a simple and effective query language. Our ...
Nazli Ikizler, David A. Forsyth
256views more  CVIU 2006»
12 years 6 months ago
Human body pose detection using Bayesian spatio-temporal templates
We present a template-based approach to detecting human silhouettes in a specific walking pose. Our templates consist of short sequences of 2D silhouettes obtained from motion cap...
Miodrag Dimitrijevic, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua
106views more  CVGIP 2006»
12 years 6 months ago
Precomputing avatar behavior from human motion data
Creating controllable, responsive avatars is an important problem in computer games and virtual environments. Recently, large collections of motion capture data have been exploite...
Jehee Lee, Kang Hoon Lee