87views more  ACTA 2005»
9 years 6 months ago
Hybrid networks of evolutionary processors are computationally complete
A hybrid network of evolutionary processors (an HNEP) consists of several language processors which are located in the nodes of a virtual graph and able to perform only one type o...
Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Carlos Mart&i...
150views more  IAJIT 2007»
9 years 6 months ago
Fuzzy Active Queue Management for Congestion Control in Wireless Ad-Hoc
: Mobile ad-hoc network is a network without infrastructure where every node has its own protocols and services for powerful cooperation in the network. Every node also has the abi...
Essam Natsheh, Adznan B. Jantan, Sabira Khatun, Su...
140views more  JUCS 2006»
9 years 6 months ago
A Modular Architecture for Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
: The growth of sensor networks during the last years is a fact and within this field, wireless sensor networks are growing particularly as there are many applications that demand ...
Jorge Portilla, Angel de Castro, Eduardo de la Tor...
131views more  ENTCS 2007»
9 years 6 months ago
Secure Node Discovery in Ad-hoc Networks and Applications
Designing secure protocols over ad-hoc networks has proved to be a very challenging task, due to various features of such networks, such as partial connectivity, node mobility, an...
Giovanni Di Crescenzo
74views more  JNW 2006»
9 years 6 months ago
Mobility Resistant Clustering in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
This paper presents a Distributed Efficient Clustering Approach (DECA) for mobility-resistant and energy-efficient clustering in multi-hop wireless networks. The clusterheads cover...
Miao Yu, Jason H. Li, Renato Levy
75views more  JIPS 2006»
9 years 6 months ago
Server Selection Schemes Considering Node Status For a Fault-Tolerant Streaming Service on a Peer-to-Peer Network
: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks are attracting considerable research interest because of their scalability and high performance relative to cost. One of the important services on a P...
Hyunjoo Kim, Sooyong Kang, Heon Young Yeom
86views more  JSAC 2008»
9 years 6 months ago
Distributed function calculation and consensus using linear iterative strategies
Given an arbitrary network of interconnected nodes, we develop and analyze a distributed strategy that enables a subset of the nodes to calculate any given function of the node val...
Shreyas Sundaram, Christoforos N. Hadjicostis
153views more  JNW 2008»
9 years 6 months ago
Prevention of Co-operative Black Hole Attack in MANET
Latha Tamilselvan, V. Sankaranarayanan
121views Education» more  CORR 2007»
9 years 6 months ago
Power-Efficient Direct-Voting Assurance for Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
—Wireless sensor networks place sensors into an area to collect data and send them back to a base station. Data fusion, in which collected data are fused before they are sent to ...
Hung-Ta Pai, Yunghsiang S. Han
63views more  JCM 2008»
9 years 6 months ago
A Node Encoding of Torus Topology and Its Improved Routing Algorithm
With the feature size of semiconductor technology reducing and intellectual properties (IP) cores increasing, on chip communication architectures have a great influence on the perf...
Xiaoqiang Yang, Junmin Li, Huimin Du, Jungang Han