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235views Education» more  CORR 2012»
9 years 2 months ago
An Incremental Sampling-based Algorithm for Stochastic Optimal Control
Abstract— In this paper, we consider a class of continuoustime, continuous-space stochastic optimal control problems. Building upon recent advances in Markov chain approximation ...
Vu Anh Huynh, Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli
103views more  SIAMCO 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
On Some Systems Controlled by the Structure of Their Memory
We consider an optimal control problem governed by an ODE with memory playing the role of a control. We show the existence of an optimal solution and derive some necessary optimal...
G. Buttazzo, G. Carlier, R. Tahraoui
100views more  JOTA 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
A Fourier-Coefficient Based Solution of an Optimal Control Problem in Quantum Chemistry
We consider an optimal control problem for the time-dependent Schr
Katharina Kormann, Sverker Holmgren, Hans O. Karls...
272views more  JDCTA 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems Using the Homotopy Perturbation Method: Infinite Horizon Case
This paper presents a new method for solving a class of infinite horizon nonlinear optimal control problems. In this method, first the original optimal control problem is transfor...
Amin Jajarmi, Hamidreza Ramezanpour, Arman Sargolz...
137views Control Systems» more  CDC 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
Analysis of optimal control models for the human locomotion
In recent papers it has been suggested that human locomotion may be modeled as an inverse optimal control problem. In this paradigm, the trajectories are assumed to be solutions of...
Yacine Chitour, Francesca C. Chittaro, Fréd...
126views Control Systems» more  CDC 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
Bifurcation of singular arcs in an optimal control problem for cancer immune system interactions under treatment
A mathematical model for cancer treatment that includes immunological activity is considered as an optimal control problem. In the uncontrolled system there exist both a region of ...
Urszula Ledzewicz, Mohammad Naghnaeian, Heinz Sch&...
191views more  INFORMATICALT 2002»
10 years 6 months ago
Optimal Control of a Well-Stirred Bioreactor in the Presence of Stochastic Perturbations
We study the stochastic model for bioremediation in a bioreactor with ideal mixing. The dynamics of the examined system is described by stochastic differential equations. We consid...
Vadim Azhmyakov
10 years 6 months ago
Uncertainties in parameter estimation and optimal control in batch distillation
Optimal control problems in batch distillation involve finding a trajectory for the reflux ratio so as to maximize a performance index. Then the controller is asked to follow this...
Saadet Ulas, Urmila M. Diwekar, Mark A. Stadtherr
111views more  RAS 2006»
10 years 6 months ago
Planning under uncertainty using model predictive control for information gathering
This paper considers trajectory planning problems for autonomous robots in information gathering tasks. The objective of the planning is to maximize the information gathered withi...
Cindy Leung, Shoudong Huang, Ngai Ming Kwok, Gamin...
121views more  SIAMCO 2008»
10 years 6 months ago
Numerical Verification of Optimality Conditions
A class of optimal control problem for a semilinear elliptic partial differential equation with control constraints is considered. It is well known that sufficient second-order con...
Arnd Rösch, Daniel Wachsmuth