95views more  TIP 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
Optimization of Packetization Masks for Image Coding Based on an Objective Cost Function for Desired Packet Spreading
In image communication over lossy packet networks (e.g., cell phone communication) packet loss errors lead to damaged images. Damaged images can be repaired with passive error conc...
Joost Rombaut, Aleksandra Pizurica, Wilfried Phili...
110views more  TCSV 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
Fuzzy-Logic Congestion Control of Transcoded Video Streaming Without Packet Loss Feedback
Congestion control of a variable bit-rate video stream crossing the Internet is crucial to ensuring the quality of the received video. When a fuzzy-logic congestion controller (FL...
Emmanuel Jammeh, Martin Fleury, Mohammed Ghanbari
110views more  TCOM 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
Cross-layer Adaptive Transmission: Optimal Strategies in Fading Channels
We consider cross-layer adaptive transmission for a single-user system with stochastic data traffic and a timevarying wireless channel. The objective is to vary the transmit power ...
Anh Tuan Hoang, Mehul Motani
59views more  JIPS 2006»
9 years 10 months ago
A Light-weight and Dynamically Reconfigurable RMON Agent System
: A RMON agent system, which locates on a subnet, collects the network traffic information for management by retrieving and analyzing all of the packets on the subnet. The RMON age...
Jun-Hyung Lee, Zinwon Park, Myung-Kyun Kim
135views more  ITIIS 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
NJ+: An Efficient Congestion Control Mechanism for Wireless Networks
Transmission control protocols have to overcome common problems in wireless networks. TCP employing both packet loss discrimination mechanism and available bandwidth estimation al...
Jaehyung Lee, Jungrae Kim, Minu Park, Jahwan Koo, ...
92views more  COMCOM 2006»
9 years 10 months ago
Loss and Delay Measurements of Internet Backbones
As the Internet evolves into a universal network for all communication needs, it has to stand up to the high quality standards of traditional networks, such as the telephone netwo...
Athina Markopoulou, Fouad A. Tobagi, Mansour J. Ka...
156views Education» more  CORR 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
Wireless Sensor/Actuator Network Design for Mobile Control Applications
: Wireless sensor/actuator networks (WSANs) are emerging as a new generation of sensor networks. Serving as the backbone of control applications, WSANs will enable an unprecedented...
Feng Xia, Yu-Chu Tian, Yanjun Li, Youxian Sun
280views more  CN 2008»
9 years 10 months ago
Joint transmit power and physical carrier sensing adaptation based on loss differentiation for high density IEEE 802.11 WLAN
In high density (HD) IEEE 802.11 WLAN, packet loss can occur due to co-channel interference (asynchronous interference) or collisions (synchronous interference). In order to effec...
Hui Ma, Jing Zhu, Sumit Roy, Soo Young Shin
9 years 10 months ago
Estimation of frame independent and enhancement components for speech communication over packet networks
In this paper, we describe a new approach to cope with packet loss in speech coders. The idea is to split the information present in each speech packet into two components, one to...
Daniele Giacobello, Manohar N. Murthi, Mads Gr&ael...
9 years 12 months ago
Minimizing Packet Loss by Optimizing OSPF Weights Using Online Simulation
In this paper, we present a scheme for minimizing packet loss in OSPF networks by optimizing link weights using Online Simulation. We have chosen packet loss rate in the network a...
Hema Tahilramani Kaur, Tao Ye, Shivkumar Kalyanara...