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107views more  JMLR 2010»
10 years 8 months ago
Modeling Knowledge Worker Activity
This paper describes an approach to constructing a probabilistic process model representing knowledge worker activity out of a log of primitive events, such as e-mails, web page v...
Tadej Stajner, Dunja Mladenic
10 years 8 months ago
Building AS-IS process models from task descriptions
Business processes have to adopt the changes driven by the market to remain competitive. This requires improvement of business processes, which can be carried out by understanding...
Azeem Lodhi, Gamal Kassem, Veit Köppen, Gunte...
10 years 8 months ago
Time prediction based on process mining
Abstract. Process mining allows for the automated discovery of process models from event logs. These models provide insights and enable various types of model-based analysis. This ...
Wil M. P. van der Aalst, M. H. Schonenberg, Minseo...
245views Database» more  ESWA 2011»
10 years 8 months ago
APROMORE: An advanced process model repository
Business process models are becoming available in large numbers due to their popular use in many industrial applications such as enterprise and quality engineering projects. On th...
Marcello La Rosa, Hajo A. Reijers, Wil M. P. van d...
149views more  SMR 2010»
10 years 11 months ago
Capturing variability in business process models: the Provop approach
Usually, for a particular business process different variants exist. Each of them constitutes an adjustment of a reference process model to specific requirements building the proc...
Alena Hallerbach, Thomas Bauer, Manfred Reichert
10 years 11 months ago
A Process View Framework for Artifact-Centric Business Processes
Over the past several years, the artifact-centric approach to workflow has emerged as a new paradigm of business process modelling. It provides a robust structure of workflow and s...
Sira Yongchareon, Chengfei Liu
249views Database» more  ER 2010»
10 years 12 months ago
On Enabling Data-Aware Compliance Checking of Business Process Models
In the light of an increasing demand on business process compliance, the verication of process models against compliance rules has become essential in enterprise computing. To be ...
David Knuplesch, Linh Thao Ly, Stefanie Rinderle-M...
91views more  IJSEKE 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
A Compositional Knowledge Level Process Model of Requirements Engineering
In current literature few detailed process models for Requirements Engineering are presented: usually high-level activities are distinguished, without a more precise specification...
Daniela E. Herlea, Catholijn M. Jonker, Jan Treur,...
153views more  FGCS 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
HARNESS fault tolerant MPI design, usage and performance issues
Initial versions of MPI were designed to work efficiently on multi-processors which had very little job control and thus static process models. Subsequently forcing them to suppor...
Graham E. Fagg, Jack Dongarra
82views more  DSS 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
On the discovery of process models from their instances
A thorough understanding of the way in which existing business processes currently practice is essential from the perspectives of both process reengineering and workflow managemen...
San-Yih Hwang, Wan-Shiou Yang