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124views more  TMC 2010»
10 years 10 months ago
A Scalable and Energy-Efficient Context Monitoring Framework for Mobile Personal Sensor Networks
—The key feature of many emerging pervasive computing applications is to proactively provide services to mobile individuals. One major challenge in providing users with proactive...
Seungwoo Kang, Jinwon Lee, Hyukjae Jang, Youngki L...
10 years 10 months ago
Event Modelling and Reasoning with Uncertain Information for Distributed Sensor Networks
CCTV and sensor based surveillance systems are part of our daily lives now in this modern society due to the advances in telecommunications technology and the demand for better sec...
Jianbing Ma, Weiru Liu, Paul Miller
149views more  SIAMDM 2010»
10 years 10 months ago
Formal Theory of Noisy Sensor Network Localization
Graph theory has been used to characterize the solvability of the sensor network localization problem. If sensors correspond to vertices and edges correspond to sensor pairs betwee...
Brian D. O. Anderson, Iman Shames, Guoqiang Mao, B...
10 years 10 months ago
Topography-Aware Sensor Deployment Optimization with CMA-ES
Abstract. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been studied intensively for various applications such as monitoring and surveillance. Sensor deployment is an essential part of WSN, ...
Vahab Akbarzadeh, Albert Hung-Ren Ko, Christian Ga...
110views Robotics» more  ICRA 2010»
10 years 10 months ago
Person identification by integrating wearable sensors and tracking results from environmental sensors
— To provide personal and location-dependent services in public spaces such as shopping malls, it is important to be able to estimate the positions and identities of people in th...
Tetsushi Ikeda, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Dylan F. Glas, M...
148views more  RAS 2007»
10 years 11 months ago
Including probabilistic target detection attributes into map representations
Range measuring sensors can play an extremely important role in robot navigation. All range measuring devices rely on a ‘detection criterion’ made in the presence of noise, to...
John Mullane, Ebi Jose, Martin David Adams, Wijeru...
109views more  PUC 2007»
10 years 11 months ago
Recognizing context for annotating a live life recording
Abstract In the near future, it will be possible to continuously record and store the entire audio–visual lifetime of a person together with all digital information that the pers...
Nicky Kern, Bernt Schiele, Albrecht Schmidt
95views more  COMCOM 2008»
10 years 11 months ago
Collaborative data gathering in wireless sensor networks using measurement co-occurrence
Data gathering is a basic activity of many wireless sensor network applications. We propose a novel collaborative data gathering approach utilizing data co
Konstantinos Kalpakis, Shilang Tang
128views more  WINET 2002»
10 years 11 months ago
Negotiation-Based Protocols for Disseminating Information in Wireless Sensor Networks
In this paper, we present a family of adaptive protocols, called SPIN (Sensor Protocols for Information via Negotiation), that efficiently disseminate information among sensors in ...
Joanna Kulik, Wendi Rabiner Heinzelman, Hari Balak...
86views more  DEDS 2002»
10 years 11 months ago
On an Optimization Problem in Sensor Selection*
We address the following sensor selection problem. We assume that a dynamic system possesses a certain property, call it Property D, when a set G of sensors is used. There is a cos...
Rami Debouk, Stéphane Lafortune, Demostheni...