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241views Education» more  CORR 2011»
9 years 10 months ago
An Agent-based Strategy for Deploying Analysis Models into Specification and Design for Distributed APS Systems
Despite the extensive use of the agent technology in the Supply Chain Management field, its integration with Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools still represents a promis...
Luis Antonio de Santa-Eulalia, Sophie D'Amours, Je...
10 years 25 days ago
Interactive Real Time Simulation of Cardiac Radio-Frequency Ablation
Virtual reality based therapy simulation meets a growing interest from the medical community due to its potential impact for the training of medical residents and the planning of ...
Erik Pernod, Maxime Sermesant, Jatin Relan, Herv&e...
124views more  TOG 2010»
10 years 26 days ago
Piles of objects
We present a method for directly modeling piles of objects in multibody simulations. Piles of objects represent some of the more interesting, but also most time-consuming portion ...
Shu-Wei Hsu, John Keyser
112views Education» more  TIT 2010»
10 years 26 days ago
Twice-universal simulation of Markov sources and individual sequences
Abstract-- The problem of universal simulation given a training sequence is studied both in a stochastic setting and for individual sequences. In the stochastic setting, the traini...
Alvaro Martín, Neri Merhav, Gadiel Seroussi...
150views more  TASLP 2010»
10 years 26 days ago
Diffuse Reverberation Model for Efficient Image-Source Simulation of Room Impulse Responses
Abstract-- In many research fields of engineering and acoustics, the image-source model represents one of the most popular tools for the simulation of sound fields in virtual rever...
Eric A. Lehmann, Anders M. Johansson
150views more  SIMULATION 2010»
10 years 27 days ago
Profiling Literature in Healthcare Simulation
: The publications that relate to the application of simulation to healthcare have steadily increased over the years. These publications are scattered amongst various journals that...
Navonil Mustafee, Korina Katsaliaki, Simon J. E. T...
10 years 28 days ago
Fast Translated Simulation of ASIPs
Application-specific instruction set processors are the core of nowadays embedded systems. Therefore, the designers need to have powerful tools for the processor design. The tools...
Zdenek Prikryl, Jakub Kroustek, Tomas Hruska, Dusa...
223views more  TMC 2011»
10 years 1 months ago
Bidirectionally Coupled Network and Road Traffic Simulation for Improved IVC Analysis
Abstract—Recently, many efforts have been made to develop more efficient Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) protocols for ondemand route planning according to observed traffic con...
Christoph Sommer, Reinhard German, Falko Dressler
10 years 1 months ago
Semi-Markov Models for Brownian Dynamics Permeation in Biological Ion Channels
—Constructing accurate computational models that explain how ions permeate through a biological ion channel is an important problem in biophysics and drug design. Brownian dynami...
Vikram Krishnamurthy, Kai Yiu Luk
116views Education» more  CORR 2010»
10 years 1 months ago
Simulating Cyber-Attacks for Fun and Profit
We introduce a new simulation platform called Insight, created to design and simulate cyber-attacks against large arbitrary target scenarios. Insight has surprisingly low hardware...
Ariel Futoransky, Fernando Miranda, José Ig...