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163views Education» more  CORR 2011»
11 years 9 months ago
Suboptimal Solution Path Algorithm for Support Vector Machine
We consider a suboptimal solution path algorithm for the Support Vector Machine. The solution path algorithm is an effective tool for solving a sequence of a parametrized optimiz...
Masayuki Karasuyama, Ichiro Takeuchi
274views Optimization» more  PE 2011»
12 years 3 days ago
A generalized method of moments for closed queueing networks
We introduce a new solution technique for closed product-form queueing networks that generalizes the Method of Moments (MoM), a recently proposed exact algorithm that is several o...
Giuliano Casale
117views more  SIAMNUM 2011»
12 years 6 days ago
Construction and Convergence Study of Schemes Preserving the Elliptic Local Maximum Principle
We present a method to approximate (in any space dimension) diffusion equations with schemes having a specific structure; this structure ensures that the discrete local maximum a...
Jérôme Droniou, Christophe Le Potier
132views more  TSE 2010»
12 years 13 days ago
ASCENT: An Algorithmic Technique for Designing Hardware and Software in Tandem
Search-based software engineering is an emerging paradigm that uses automated search algorithms to help designers iteratively find solutions to complicated design problems. For exa...
Jules White, Brian Doughtery, Douglas C. Schmidt
122views more  SIAMMA 2010»
12 years 15 days ago
Asymptotic Flocking Dynamics for the Kinetic Cucker-Smale Model
In this paper, we analyse the asymptotic behavior of solutions of the continuous kinetic version of flocking by Cucker and Smale [16], which describes the collective behavior of an...
J. A. Carrillo, M. Fornasier, J. Rosado, G. Toscan...
12 years 15 days ago
Analysis of a finite PML approximation to the three dimensional elastic wave scattering problem
We consider the application of a perfectly matched layer (PML) technique to approximate solutions to the elastic wave scattering problem in the frequency domain. The PML is viewed ...
James H. Bramble, Joseph E. Pasciak, Dimitar Trene...
12 years 15 days ago
A Novel Method for Solving Multiscale Elliptic Problems with Randomly Perturbed Data
We propose a method for efficient solution of elliptic problems with multiscale features and randomly perturbed coefficients. We use the multiscale finite element method (MsFEM) as...
Victor Ginting, Axel Målqvist, Michael Presh...
127views more  JOTA 2010»
12 years 16 days ago
Optimization Over the Efficient Set of Multi-objective Convex Optimal Control Problems
We consider multi-objective convex optimal control problems. First we state a relationship between the (weakly or properly) efficient set of the multi-objective problem and the sol...
Henri Bonnel, C. Yalçin Kaya
89views more  JNS 2010»
12 years 16 days ago
The Pattern of Multiple Rings from Morphogenesis in Development
Under certain conditions the problem of morphogenesis in development and the problem of morphology in block copolymers may be reduced to one geometric problem. In two dimensions t...
Xiaosong Kang, Xiaofeng Ren
12 years 21 days ago
An Obfuscation-Based Approach for Protecting Location Privacy
—The pervasive diffusion of mobile communication devices and the technical improvements of location techniques are fostering the development of new applications that use the phys...
Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Marco Cremonini, Sabrina...