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100views more  NLE 2010»
12 years 12 days ago
Formal and functional assessment of the pyramid method for summary content evaluation
Pyramid annotation makes it possible to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively the content of machine-generated (or human) summaries. Evaluation methods must prove themselves a...
Rebecca J. Passonneau
195views more  IJCV 2007»
12 years 1 months ago
Pre-Attentive and Attentive Detection of Humans in Wide-Field Scenes
We address the problem of localizing and obtaining high-resolution footage of the people present in a scene. We propose a biologically-inspired solution combining pre-attentive, lo...
James H. Elder, Simon J. D. Prince, Yuqian Hou, Mi...
109views more  INFSOF 2006»
12 years 1 months ago
A systematic review of statistical power in software engineering experiments
Statistical power is an inherent part of empirical studies that employ significance testing and is essential for the planning of studies, for the interpretation of study results, ...
Tore Dybå, Vigdis By Kampenes, Dag I. K. Sj&...
181views more  BMCBI 2010»
12 years 2 months ago
Intensity dependent estimation of noise in microarrays improves detection of differentially expressed genes
Background: In many microarray experiments, analysis is severely hindered by a major difficulty: the small number of samples for which expression data has been measured. When one ...
Amit Zeisel, Amnon Amir, Wolfgang J. Köstler,...