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150views more  JCT 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
On the degree distribution of the nodes in increasing trees
Abstract. Simple families of increasing trees can be constructed from simply generated tree families, if one considers for every tree of size n all its increasing labellings, i.e.,...
Markus Kuba, Alois Panholzer
104views more  JCB 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
Counting Coalescent Histories
Given a species tree and a gene tree, a valid coalescent history is a list of the branches of the species tree on which coalescences in the gene tree take place. I develop a recur...
Noah A. Rosenberg
153views more  TKDE 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
Discovering Frequent Agreement Subtrees from Phylogenetic Data
We study a new data mining problem concerning the discovery of frequent agreement subtrees (FASTs) from a set of phylogenetic trees. A phylogenetic tree, or phylogeny, is an unorde...
Sen Zhang, Jason Tsong-Li Wang
55views more  APPML 2005»
11 years 1 months ago
Recovering a phylogenetic tree using pairwise closure operations
A fundamental task in evolutionary biology is the amalgamation of a collection P of leaf-labelled trees into a single parent tree. A desirable feature of any such amalgamation is ...
Katharina T. Huber, Vincent Moulton, Charles Sempl...
63views more  RSA 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Random cutting and records in deterministic and random trees
We study random cutting down of a rooted tree and show that the number of cuts is equal (in distribution) to the number of records in the tree when edges (or vertices) are assigned...
Svante Janson
106views more  MT 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Example-based machine translation based on tree-string correspondence and statistical generation
Abstract. This paper describes an example-based machine translation (EBMT) method based on tree-string correspondence (TSC) and statistical generation. In this method, the translat...
Zhan-yi Liu, Haifeng Wang, Hua Wu
125views more  NAR 2008»
11 years 1 months ago robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist
Phylogenetic analyses are central to many research areas in biology and typically involve the identification of homologous sequences, their multiple alignment, the phylogenetic re...
Alexis Dereeper, V. Guignon, G. Blanc, Stép...
83views more  ENTCS 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
An Integrated and "Engaging" Package for Tree Animations
This paper describes a prototypical system that combines several aspects of engagement as defined in (Naps et al. 2003) for the topic of tree and tree algorithm animations.
Guido Rößling, Silke Schneider
66views more  JCO 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Tree edge decomposition with an application to minimum ultrametric tree approximation
A k-decomposition of a tree is a process in which the tree is recursively partitioned into k edge-disjoint subtrees until each subtree contains only one edge. We investigated the p...
Chia-Mao Huang, Bang Ye Wu, Chang-Biau Yang
74views more  DAM 2007»
11 years 1 months ago
On the uniform edge-partition of a tree
We study the problem of uniformly partitioning the edge set of a tree with n edges into k connected components, where k ≤ n. The objective is to minimize the ratio of the maximu...
Bang Ye Wu, Hung-Lung Wang, Shih Ta Kuan, Kun-Mao ...