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9 years 9 months ago
Automatic Treebank Conversion via Informed Decoding
In this paper, we focus on the challenge of automatically converting a constituency treebank (source treebank) to fit the standard of another constituency treebank (target treeban...
Muhua Zhu, Jingbo Zhu
10 years 20 days ago
Cross Language Dependency Parsing using a Bilingual Lexicon
This paper proposes an approach to enhance dependency parsing in a language by using a translated treebank from another language. A simple statistical machine translation method, ...
Hai Zhao, Yan Song, Chunyu Kit, Guodong Zhou
10 years 25 days ago
Unsupervised Parse Selection for HPSG
Parser disambiguation with precision grammars generally takes place via statistical ranking of the parse yield of the grammar using a supervised parse selection model. In the stan...
Rebecca Dridan, Timothy Baldwin
10 years 26 days ago
Correcting Errors in a Treebank Based on Synchronous Tree Substitution Grammar
This paper proposes a method of correcting annotation errors in a treebank. By using a synchronous grammar, the method transforms parse trees containing annotation errors into the...
Yoshihide Kato, Shigeki Matsubara
94views more  LRE 2008»
10 years 2 months ago
The Hinoki syntactic and semantic treebank of Japanese
In this paper we describe the current state of a new Japanese lexical resource: the Hinoki treebank. The treebank is built from dictionary definitions, examples and news text, and ...
Francis Bond, Sanae Fujita, Takaaki Tanaka
10 years 2 months ago
The LinGO Redwoods Treebank: Motivation and Preliminary Applications
The LinGO Redwoods initiative is a seed activity in the design and development of a new type of treebank. While several medium- to large-scale treebanks exist for English (and for...
Stephan Oepen, Kristina Toutanova, Stuart M. Shieb...
100views more  IJDAR 2007»
10 years 2 months ago
Treebanks gone bad
This paper describes how a treebank of ungrammatical sentences can be created from a treebank of well-formed sentences. The treebank creation pro
Jennifer Foster
100views more  LRE 2008»
10 years 2 months ago
LTAG-spinal and the Treebank
Abstract. We introduce LTAG-spinal, a novel variant of traditional Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar (LTAG) with desirable linguistic, computational and statistical properties. Un...
Libin Shen, Lucas Champollion, Aravind K. Joshi
72views more  LRE 2008»
10 years 2 months ago
Semi-automatic documentation of an implemented linguistic grammar augmented with a treebank
We have constructed a large scale and detailed database of lexical types in Japanese from a treebank that includes detailed linguistic information. The database helps treebank anno...
Chikara Hashimoto, Francis Bond, Takaaki Tanaka, M...
10 years 4 months ago
An Automatic Treebank Conversion Algorithm for Corpus Sharing
An automatic treebank conversion method is proposed in this paper to convert a treebank into another treebank. A new treebank associated with a different grammar can be generated ...
Jong-Nae Wang, Jing-Shin Chang, Keh-Yih Su