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11 years 11 months ago
Bringing the Dictionary to the User: The FOKS System
The dictionary look-up of unknown words is particularly difficult in Japanese due to the complicated writing system. We propose a system which allows learners of Japanese to look ...
Slaven Bilac, Timothy Baldwin, Hozumi Tanaka
128views more  IAJIT 2007»
11 years 11 months ago
A Multi-Agent System for POS-Tagging Vocalized Arabic Texts
: In this paper, we address the problem of Part-Of-Speech(POS) tagging of Arabic texts with vowel marks. After the description of the specificities of Arabic language and the induc...
Chiraz Ben Othmane Zribi, Aroua Torjmen, Mohamed B...
12 years 22 days ago
Interactive Speech Understanding
This paper introduces at robust interactive method for speech understatnding. The generatlized LR patrsing is enhanced ill this approach. Patrsing proceeds fl'om left to righ...
Hiroaki Saito
12 years 27 days ago
Word Extraction from Corpora and Its Part-of-Speech Estimation Using Distributional Analysis
Unknown words are inevitable at any step of analysis in natural language processing. Wc propose a method to extract words from a corl)us and estimate the probability that each wor...
Shinsuke Mori, Makoto Nagao
12 years 27 days ago
Tailoring Lexical Choice to the User's Vocabulary in Multimedia Explanation Generation
In this paper, we discussthe differentstrategiesusedin COMET (COordinated Multimedia Explanation Testbed) for selecting words withwhichthe user is familiar. Whenpicturescannotbe u...
Kathleen McKeown, Jacques Robin, Michael A. Tanenb...
12 years 27 days ago
The Ups and Downs of Lexical Acquisition
We have implemented an incremental lexical acquisition mechanism that learns the meanings of previously unknown words from the context in which they appear, as a part of the proce...
Peter M. Hastings, Steven L. Lytinen
115views more  ANLP 2000»
12 years 28 days ago
Categorizing Unknown Words: Using Decision Trees to Identify Names and Misspellings
This paper introduces a system for categorizing unknown words. The system is based on a multicomponent architecture where each component is responsible for identifying one class o...
Janine Toole
12 years 28 days ago
Predicting Part-of-Speech Information about Unknown Words using Statistical Methods
This paper examines the feasibility of using statistical methods to train a part-of-speech predictor for unknown words. By using statistical methods, without incorporating hand-cr...
Scott M. Thede
12 years 1 months ago
Guessing Parts-of-Speech of Unknown Words Using Global Information
In this paper, we present a method for guessing POS tags of unknown words using local and global information. Although many existing methods use only local information (i.e. limit...
Tetsuji Nakagawa, Yuji Matsumoto
12 years 1 months ago
A Collaborative Framework for Collecting Thai Unknown Words from the Web
We propose a collaborative framework for collecting Thai unknown words found on Web pages over the Internet. Our main goal is to design and construct a Webbased system which allow...
Choochart Haruechaiyasak, Chatchawal Sangkeettraka...