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196views Hardware» more  TVCG 2012»
9 years 4 months ago
Robust Morse Decompositions of Piecewise Constant Vector Fields
—In this paper, we introduce a new approach to computing a Morse decomposition of a vector field on a triangulated manifold surface. The basic idea is to convert the input vector...
Andrzej Szymczak, Eugene Zhang
161views more  IJCAT 2010»
11 years 2 days ago
Local resampling for patch-based texture synthesis in vector fields
: In order to synthesize distortionless texture on surfaces, we develop a direct and accurate approach for local resampling in vector fields, and then use the approach to synthesiz...
Renjie Chen, Ligang Liu, Guangchang Dong
108views more  FOCM 2002»
11 years 1 months ago
Geometric Integration Algorithms on Homogeneous Manifolds
Given an ordinary differential equation on a homogeneous manifold, one can construct a "geometric integrator" by determining a compatible ordinary differential equation ...
Debra Lewis, Peter J. Olver
158views more  CGF 2000»
11 years 1 months ago
Unsteady Flow Visualization by Animating Evenly-Spaced Streamlines
In recent years the work on vector field visualization has been concentrated on LIC-based methods. In this paper we propose an alternative solution for the visualization of unstea...
Bruno Jobard, Wilfrid Lefer
140views more  TVCG 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
Efficient Morse Decompositions of Vector Fields
Vector field analysis plays a crucial role in many engineering applications, such as weather prediction, tsunami and hurricane study, and airplane and automotive design. Existing ...
Guoning Chen, Konstantin Mischaikow, Robert S. Lar...
92views more  TOG 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
Self-animating images: illusory motion using repeated asymmetric patterns
Illusory motion in a still image is a fascinating research topic in the study of human motion perception. Physiologists and psychologists have attempted to understand this phenome...
Ming-Te Chi, Tong-Yee Lee, Yingge Qu, Tien-Tsin Wo...
102views more  BC 2005»
11 years 1 months ago
Visual shape recognition with contour propagation
A neural architecture is presented that encodes the visual space inside and outside of a shape. The contours of a shape are propagated across an excitable neuronal map and fed thro...
C. Rasche
106views more  JMIV 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
Estimation of Vector Fields in Unconstrained and Inequality Constrained Variational Problems for Segmentation and Registration
Vector fields arise in many problems of computer vision, particularly in non-rigid registration. In this paper, we develop coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) to estimat...
Gozde B. Unal, Greg G. Slabaugh
118views more  ENTCS 2006»
11 years 1 months ago
Domain Theoretic Solutions of Initial Value Problems for Unbounded Vector Fields
This paper extends the domain theoretic method for solving initial value problems, described in [8], to unbounded vector fields. Based on a sequence of approximations of the vecto...
Abbas Edalat, Dirk Pattinson
100views more  FOCM 2008»
11 years 1 months ago
A Unifying Local Convergence Result for Newton's Method in Riemannian Manifolds
We consider the problem of finding a singularity of a differentiable vector field X defined on a complete Riemannian manifold. We prove a unified result for the existence and local...
Felipe Alvarez, Jérôme Bolte, Julien ...