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142views more  BMCBI 2005»
10 years 11 months ago
High performance workflow implementation for protein surface characterization using grid technology
Background: This study concerns the development of a high performance workflow that, using grid technology, correlates different kinds of Bioinformatics data, starting from the ba...
Ivan Merelli, Giulia Morra, Daniele D'Agostino, An...
105views more  INTERNET 2007»
10 years 11 months ago
Workflow Planning on a Grid
evel of abstraction, we can represent a workflow as a directed graph with operators (or tasks) at the vertices (see Figure 1). Each operator takes inputs from data sources or from ...
Craig W. Thompson, Wing Ning Li, Zhichun Xiao
10 years 11 months ago
Scientific Software as Workflows: From Discovery to Distribution
Scientific workflows
David Woollard, Nenad Medvidovic, Yolanda Gil, Chr...
10 years 11 months ago
Transformation of yEPC business process models to YAWL
Model transformations are frequently applied in business process modeling to bridge between languages on a different abstraction and formality. In this paper, we define a transfor...
Jan Mendling, Michael Moser, Gustaf Neumann
125views more  ERCIM 2007»
10 years 11 months ago
Workflow Management Systems for Grid Computing
With the advent of Grid and application technologies, scientists and engineers are building more and more complex applications to manage and process large data sets, and execute s...
Carmen Bratosin, Wil M. P. van der Aalst
93views more  JUCS 2006»
10 years 11 months ago
Synthesis of Optimal Workflow Structure
: Optimal synthesis of workflow structures, the formerly undefined problem, has been introduced. Mathematical programming model is presented for determining the cost optimal workfl...
József Tick, Zoltán Kovacs, Ferenc F...
65views more  JSS 2008»
10 years 11 months ago
Process pipeline scheduling
This paper explores how process pipeline scheduling may become a viable strategy for executing workflows. It first details a workflow optimization and execution algorithm that redu...
Melissa Lemos, Marco A. Casanova, Antonio L. Furta...
207views more  ITSSA 2006»
10 years 11 months ago
An Agent System for Automatic Workflows Composition in Grid Environments
: General purpose workflow management systems are often unable to match user requirements of a particular application. In many points of the workflow the user has to take decisions...
Alessandro Orro, Luciano Milanesi
167views more  ISEM 2006»
10 years 11 months ago
Agent-based workflow management systems (WfMSs)
Workflow management systems (WfMS) based on agent technology can cope with the rapidly evolving business environment better than most other systems as they are more flexible and op...
Lars Ehrler, Martin K. Fleurke, Maryam Purvis, Bas...
103views more  COMPUTER 2007»
10 years 11 months ago
Examining the Challenges of Scientific Workflows
Workflows have recently emerged as a paradigm for representing and managing complex distributed scientific computations and therefore accelerate the pace of scientific progress. A...
Yolanda Gil, Ewa Deelman, Mark H. Ellisman, Thomas...