Real Time Vision-Based Image Guided Neurosurgery

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Real Time Vision-Based Image Guided Neurosurgery
A hand-held surgical probe is an essential component of any image-guided neurosurgery (IGNS). During the surgical procedure, the IGNS tracks the probe position and displays the anatomy beneath it as three orthogonal image slices on a workstation-based 3D imaging system. Existing IGNS systems use different tracking techniques including mechanical, optical, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic systems. In this paper, we present a new computational vision-based probe tracking technique, which provides both position and orientation. We also propose another new computational vision-based technique to track the patient head and thus compensate for its movement during probing procedure. The proposed system is completely passive, Its stereo cameras detect the presence of the probe using available visible light, and reports on their exact location and orientation in patient physical space in real time. We have validated the system using a skull phantom and a hand made probe.
M. Sabry Hassouna
Added 09 Nov 2008
Updated 08 Jul 2010
Authors M. Sabry Hassouna
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