3D shape reconstruction of Mooney faces

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3D shape reconstruction of Mooney faces
Two-tone (“Mooney”) images seem to arouse vivid 3D percept of faces, both familiar and unfamiliar, despite their seemingly poor content. Recent psychological and fMRI studies suggest that this percept is guided primarily by topdown procedures in which recognition precedes reconstruction. In this paper we investigate this hypothesis from a mathematical standpoint. We show that indeed, under standard shape from shading assumptions, a Mooney image can give rise to multiple different 3D reconstructions even if reconstruction is restricted to the Mooney transition curve (the boundary curve between black and white) alone. We then use top-down reconstruction methods to recover the shape of novel faces from single Mooney images exploiting prior knowledge of the structure of at least one face of a different individual. We apply these methods to thresholded images of real faces and compare the reconstruction quality relative to reconstruction from gray level images.
Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Ronen Basri, Boaz Nadl
Added 29 May 2010
Updated 29 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CVPR
Authors Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Ronen Basri, Boaz Nadler
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