Accurate Eye Center Location and Tracking Using Isophote Curvature

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Accurate Eye Center Location and Tracking Using Isophote Curvature
The ubiquitous application of eye tracking is precluded by the requirement of dedicated and expensive hardware, such as infrared high definition cameras. Therefore, systems based solely on appearance (i.e. not involving active infrared illumination) are being proposed in literature. However, although these systems are able to successfully locate eyes, their accuracy is significantly lower than commercial eye tracking devices. Our aim is to perform very accurate eye center location and tracking, using a simple web cam. By means of a novel relevance mechanism, the proposed method makes use of isophote properties to gain invariance to linear lighting changes (contrast and brightness), to achieve rotational invariance and to keep low computational costs. In this paper we test our approach for accurate eye location and robustness to changes in illumination and pose, using the BioID and the Yale Face B databases, respectively. We demonstrate that our system can achieve a considerable improve...
Roberto Valenti, Theo Gevers
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CVPR
Authors Roberto Valenti, Theo Gevers
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