Adaptive Site Map Visualization Based on Landmarks

12 years 7 months ago
Adaptive Site Map Visualization Based on Landmarks
Site maps are frequently provided on Web sites as a navigation support for Web users. The automatic generation of site maps is a complex task since the structure of the data, semantical and layout aspects have to be considered. One main problem is a concise presentation of site maps since the data to be displayed is usually extensive. The focus of this article is a new method to offer concise site map presentations to Web users by adaptation of site maps to landmarks and search queries. By landmarks we denote important data objects in a Web site, that are determined by Information Retrieval (IR) methods and used to simplify the Web site graph such that a layout may be generated efficiently. Adaptation of site maps to user queries provides personalized maps that reflect the part of a Web site that is relevant for a specific user. By these means the fraction of the Web site is visualized efficiently as a site map that is adapted to the specific needs of a user. In contrast to previ...
Dirk Kukulenz
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Year 2005
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Authors Dirk Kukulenz
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