Agent Logics as Program Logics: Grounding KARO

9 years 10 months ago
Agent Logics as Program Logics: Grounding KARO
Abstract. Several options are available to relate agent logics to computational agent systems. Among others, one can try to find useful executable fragments of an agent logic or use a model checking approach. In this paper, an alternative approach is explored based on the view that an agent logic is a program logic. Using the same starting point, one of the established agent logics, we ask instead if it is possible to construct a programming language for that agent logic. We show that the programming language and the agent logic are formally related by constructing a denotational semantics. As a result, the agent logic can be used as as a design tool to specify and verify the corresponding agent programs. In particular, we construct an agent programming language that is formally related to the KARO agent logic. The KARO logic is an agent logic that builds on top of dynamic logic. The approach is based on mapping worlds in the modal semantics for KARO onto a state-based semantics. The s...
Koen V. Hindriks, John-Jules Ch. Meyer
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Updated 14 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where KI
Authors Koen V. Hindriks, John-Jules Ch. Meyer
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