AI and Software Engineering: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

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AI and Software Engineering: Will the Twain Ever Meet?
This session will explore the reasons for the lack of impact in four important areas in which AI has been expected to significantly affect real world Software Engineering. The panelists, each representing one of these areas, will respond to the conjecture that these failures rest upon a common cause - reliance on isolationist technology and approaches, rather than upon creating additive technology and a.pproaches that can be integrated with other existing capabilities. l?or the purposes of this debate, we've divided up the ways that AI could impact Software Engineering into four broad areas, each of which will be represented by one of the panelists: o Development of smart a.pplications (e.g. Expert Systems) e Development of sma.rt application components e Providing intelligence within the system architecture (e.g. in expert databases or intelligent user interfaces) o Using AI to develop software The first three are product related and are concerned with including AI capabilities ...
Robert Balzer
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