Analyzing Interacting BPEL Processes

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Analyzing Interacting BPEL Processes
Abstract. This paper addresses the problem of analyzing the interaction between BPEL processes. We present a technology chain that starts out with a BPEL process and transforms it into a Petri net model. On the model we decide controllability of the process (the existence of a partner process, such that both can interact properly) and compute its operating guideline (a characterization of all properly interacting partner processes). A case study demonstrates the value of this technology chain. Key words: Business process modeling and analysis, Formal models in business process management, Process verification and validation, Petri nets
Niels Lohmann, Peter Massuthe, Christian Stahl, Da
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where BPM
Authors Niels Lohmann, Peter Massuthe, Christian Stahl, Daniela Weinberg
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