Anna Ursyn

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Anna Ursyn
This review tells about the International Conference on Information Visualization that is held annually in London, England. Themes selected from the Conference Proceedings are focused on theoretical concepts, semantic approach to visualization, digital art, and involve 2D, 3D, interactive and virtual reality tools and applications. The focal point of the iV 05 Conference was the progress in information and knowledge visualization, visual data mining, multimodal interfaces, multimedia, web graphics, graph theory application, augmented and virtual reality, semantic web visualization, HCI, digital art, among many other areas such as information visualization in geology, medicine, industry and education. Notes from the iV 05, Information Visualization Conference, D-Art Symposium and Digital Art Gallery, London, England, 6-8 July 2005 Anna Ursyn, University of Northern Colorado, USA Ebad Banissi, VGRU, London South Bank University, UK
Anna Ursyn
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Year 2007
Authors Anna Ursyn
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