ANTS--Augmented Environments

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ANTS--Augmented Environments
When interacting with natural or urban environments there are many situations where the ability to access data in real time becomes relevant. Augmented Reality (AR) technologies allow real time superimposition of synthetic objects on real images, providing an augmented knowledge about the surrounding world. Using a Head Mounted Display, the user of an AR system can visualize the exterior world with additional virtual information that is generated in real time and in a contextual way. This paper presents ANTS (Augmented Environments), an AR project for providing geo-referenced environmental information. The project uses a flexible client-server approach that allows to move more or less components to the client, depending on processing power and application requirements. The georeferenced database and 3D model for user positioning are located in the server and the presentation component, for image composition and display, is the most fundamental part of the client. The applications for ...
Teresa Romão, Nuno Correia, A. Eduardo Dias
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Type Journal
Year 2004
Where CG
Authors Teresa Romão, Nuno Correia, A. Eduardo Dias, José Danado, Adelaide Trabuco, Carlos Santos, Rossana Santos, António S. Câmara, Edmundo Nobre
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