Applying SPICE to e-Learning: An e-Learning Maturity Model?

12 years 1 months ago
Applying SPICE to e-Learning: An e-Learning Maturity Model?
The Capability Maturity Model and SPICE approach to software process improvement has resulted in a robust system for improving development process capability in the field of software engineering. We apply these same ideas in the area of e-learning in order to explore whether similar insights could be generated for institutions engaged in online delivery of teaching. In order to test this idea, a set of potential process areas are presented, based on a well known set of e-learning benchmarks and a trial analysis of a project is conducted. We suggest that this model offers a means for institutions to identify systemic weaknesses in their e-learning development, delivery and management that potentially can inform future resourcing and strategic priorities. . K e y w o r d s : e-learning, CMM, SPICE, process improvement.
Stephen Marshall, Geoff Mitchell
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ACE
Authors Stephen Marshall, Geoff Mitchell
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