Arena Software Tutorial

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Arena Software Tutorial
The Arena modeling system from Systems Modeling Corporation is a flexible and powerful tool that allows analysts to create animated simulation models that accurately represent virtually any system. First released in 1993, Arena employs an object-oriented design for entirely graphical model development. Simulation analysts place graphical objects—called modules—on a layout in order to define system components such as machines, operators, and material handling devices. Arena is built on the SIMAN simulation language. After creating a simulation model graphically, Arena automatically generates the underlying SIMAN model used to perform simulation runs. The graphical modules used by simulation analysts to create models are provided “off-the-shelf” with Arena. These modules can also be custom designed by the end user to produce a modeling environment that is tailored to a specific application area (e.g., welding, cross-dock, etc.) or a specific vertical market (e.g., semiconductor,...
David A. Takus, David M. Profozich
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where WSC
Authors David A. Takus, David M. Profozich
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