Atomic Resource Sharing in Noncooperative Networks

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Atomic Resource Sharing in Noncooperative Networks
In noncooperative networks, resources are shared among selfish users, which optimize their individual performance measure. We consider the generic and practically important case of atomic resource sharing, in which traffic bifurcation is not implemented, hence each user allocates its whole traffic to one of the network resources. We analyze topologies of parallel resources within a game-theoretic framework and establish several fundamental properties. We prove the existence of and convergence to a Nash equilibrium. For a broad class of residual capacity performance functions, an upper bound on the number of iterations till convergence is derived. An algorithm is presented for testing the uniqueness of the equilibrium. Sufficient conditions for achieving a feasible equilibrium are obtained. We consider extensions to general network topologies. In particular, we show that, for a class of throughput-oriented cost functions, existence of and convergence to a Nash equilibrium is guarant...
Lavy Libman, Ariel Orda
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Lavy Libman, Ariel Orda
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