Attribute-Based Authenticated Key Exchange

11 years 3 months ago
Attribute-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
We introduce the concept of attribute-based authenticated key exchange (AB-AKE) within the framework of ciphertext policy attribute-based systems. A notion of AKE-security for AB-AKE is presented based on the security models for group key exchange protocols and also taking into account the security requirements generally considered in the ciphertext policy attribute-based setting. We also extend the paradigm of hybrid encryption to the ciphertext policy attribute-based encryption schemes. A new primitive called encapsulation policy attribute-based key encapsulation mechanism (EP-AB-KEM) is introduced and a notion of chosen ciphertext security is defined for EP-AB-KEMs. We propose an EP-AB-KEM from an existing attribute-based encryption scheme and show that it achieves chosen ciphertext security in the generic group and random oracle models. We present a generic one-round AB-AKE protocol that satisfies our AKE-security notion. The protocol is generically constructed from any EP-AB-KEM t...
M. Choudary Gorantla, Colin Boyd, Juan Manuel Gonz
Added 26 Oct 2010
Updated 26 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors M. Choudary Gorantla, Colin Boyd, Juan Manuel González Nieto
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