Audio-based classification of speaker characteristics

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Audio-based classification of speaker characteristics
The human voice is primarily a carrier of speech, but it also contains non-linguistic features unique to a speaker and indicative of various speaker demographics, e.g. gender, nativity, ethnicity. Such characteristics are helpful cues for audio/video search and retrieval. In this paper, we evaluate the effects of various low-, mid-, and high-level features for effective classification of speaker characteristics. Low-level signal-based features include MFCCs, LPCs, and six spectral features; mid-level statistical features model lowlevel features; and high-level semantic features are based on selected phonemes in addition to mid-level features. Our data set consists of approximately 76.4 hours of annotated audio with 2786 unique speaker segments used for classification. Quantitative evaluation of our method results in accuracy rates up to 98.6% on our test data for male/female classification using mid-level features and a linear kernel support vector machine. We determine that mid- and ...
Promiti Dutta, Alexander Haubold
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Authors Promiti Dutta, Alexander Haubold
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