AuraMirror: artistically visualizing attention

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AuraMirror: artistically visualizing attention
We present AuraMirror, a system that visualizes virtual windows of attention: the commodity of visual attention people exchange during interactions in small groups. AuraMirror acts as a dynamic `painting' that passively gathers and displays attentional data by superimposing auras over each viewer's head in a real time video mirror. This permits users to see how they distribute their attention in group interactions, and the effect of interruption on this process. Finally, we describe how AuraMirror can be extended to model attention among both participants and ubiquitous devices. Keywords Information Visualization, Media Art, Ubiquitous Computing, Attentive User Interfaces, Computer Vision.
Alexander W. Skaburskis, Jeffrey S. Shell, Roel Ve
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CHI
Authors Alexander W. Skaburskis, Jeffrey S. Shell, Roel Vertegaal, Connor Dickie
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