Barycentric coordinates computation in homogeneous coordinates

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Barycentric coordinates computation in homogeneous coordinates
Homogeneous coordinates are often used in computer graphics and computer vision applications especially for the representation of geometric transformations. The homogeneous coordinates enable us to represent translation, rotation, scaling and projection operations in a unique way and handle them properly. Today's graphics hardware based on GPU offers a very high computational power using pixel and fragment shaders not only for the processing of graphical elements, but also for the general computation using GPU as well. It is well known that points, triangles and strips of triangles are mostly used in computer graphics processing. Generally, triangles and tetrahedra are mostly represented by vertices. Several tests like ``point insidey'' or ``intersection ofy'' are very often used in applications. On the other hand, barycentric coordinates in E2 or E3 can be used to implement such tests, too. Nevertheless, in both cases division operations are used that potenti...
Václav Skala
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