BIPAD: A web server for modeling bipartite sequence elements

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BIPAD: A web server for modeling bipartite sequence elements
Background: Many dimeric protein complexes bind cooperatively to families of bipartite nucleic acid sequence elements, which consist of pairs of conserved half-site sequences separated by intervening distances that vary among individual sites. Results: We introduce the Bipad Server [1], a web interface to predict sequence elements embedded within unaligned sequences. Either a bipartite model, consisting of a pair of one-block position weight matrices (PWM's) with a gap distribution, or a single PWM matrix for contiguous single block motifs may be produced. The Bipad program performs multiple local alignment by entropy minimization and cyclic refinement using a stochastic greedy search strategy. The best models are refined by maximizing incremental information contents among a set of potential models with varying half site and gap lengths. Conclusion: The web service generates information positional weight matrices, identifies binding site motifs, graphically represents the set of...
Chengpeng Bi, Peter K. Rogan
Added 10 Dec 2010
Updated 10 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Chengpeng Bi, Peter K. Rogan
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