Can I Execute My Scenario in Your Net?

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Can I Execute My Scenario in Your Net?
This paper describes the verification module (the VipVerify Module) of the VipTool [4]. VipVerify allows to verify whether a given scenario is an execution of a system model, given by a Petri net. Scenarios can be graphically specified by means of Labeled Partial Orders (LPOs). A specified LPO is an execution of a Petri net if it is a (partial) sequentialization of an LPO generated by a process of the net. We have shown in [2] that the executability of an LPO can be tested by a polynomial algorithm. The VipVerify Module implements this algorithm. If the test is positive, the corresponding process is computed and visualized. If the test is negative, a maximal executable prefix of the LPO is computed and visualized, together with a corresponding process and the set of those following events in the LPO which are not enabled to occur after the occurrence of the prefix. Further, the VipVerify Module allows to test in polynomial time whether a scenario equals an execution with minimal c...
Gabriel Juhás, Robert Lorenz, Jörg Des
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where APN
Authors Gabriel Juhás, Robert Lorenz, Jörg Desel
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