Change Measurements in an SCM Process

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Change Measurements in an SCM Process
Abstract. An SCM database contains data which can be used as input for Software Metrics. Both data for Size-Oriented Metrics, and information for ProcessOriented Metrics are available from SCM systems. This paper describes measurements taken from an SCM database used at ABB Industrial Systems. The SCM tool is change-oriented and collects information about changes in Change Request (CR) documents. As CRs are under version control, the measurements taken on them give information not only about the amount and type of changes but also about the change process behavior. The measurements, generated from CRs by a tool, are used during the development process and in the final analysis of the project. The paper presents some of the measurements showing typical cases of lifecycle models.
Ivica Crnkovic, Per Willför
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where SCM
Authors Ivica Crnkovic, Per Willför
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