Collaborative translation by monolinguals with machine translators

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Collaborative translation by monolinguals with machine translators
In this paper, we present the concept for collaborative translation, where two non-bilingual people who use different languages collaborate to perform the task of translation using machine translation (MT) services, whose quality is imperfect in many cases. The key idea of this model is that one person, who handles the source language (source language side) and another person, who handles the target language (target language side), play different roles: the target language side modifies the translated sentence to improve its fluency, and the source language side evaluates its adequacy. We demonstrated the effectiveness and the practicality of this model in a tangible way. ACM Classification: H5.3 [Information interfaces and presentation]: Group and Organization Interfaces. - Computer-supported cooperative work. General terms: Design, Human Factors
Daisuke Morita, Toru Ishida
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where IUI
Authors Daisuke Morita, Toru Ishida
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