Complementing software pipelining with software thread integration

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Complementing software pipelining with software thread integration
Software pipelining is a critical optimization for producing efficient code for VLIW/EPIC and superscalar processors in highperformance embedded applications such as digital signal processing. Software thread integration (STI) can often improve the performance of looping code in cases where software pipelining performs poorly or fails. This paper examines both situations, presenting methods to determine what and when to integrate. We evaluate our methods on C-language image and digital signal processing libraries and synthetic loop kernels. We compile them for a very long instruction word (VLIW) digital signal processor (DSP) – the Texas Instruments (TI) C64x architecture. Loops which benefit little from software pipelining (SWP-Poor) speed up by 26% (harmonic mean, HM). Loops for which software pipelining fails (SWP-Fail) due to conditionals and calls speed up by 16% (HM). Combining SWP-Good and SWP-Poor loops leads to a speedup of 55% (HM). Categories and Subject Descriptors D.3...
Won So, Alexander G. Dean
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Won So, Alexander G. Dean
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