Complexity of Data Flow Analysis for Non-Separable Frameworks

9 years 6 months ago
Complexity of Data Flow Analysis for Non-Separable Frameworks
The complexity of round robin iterative data flow analysis has been traditionally defined as 1+d where d is the depth of a control flow graph. However, this bound is restricted to bit vector frameworks, which by definition, are separable. For non-separable frameworks, the complexity of analysis is influenced by the interdependences of program entities, hence the bound of 1+d is not applicable. This motivates the need for capturing the interdependences of entities to define a general complexity measure. We propose Degree of dependence which quantifies the effect of non-separability on the complexity of analysis for a particular problem instance. We define the complexity bound of 1++d which explains the complexity of round robin analysis of general nonseparable data flow problems. Like d, is a theoretical concept useful for understanding the complexity rather than estimating it. In bit vector frameworks the bound 1++d reduces to 1+d due to = 0. Apart from being general, our bound is a...
Bageshri Karkare, Uday P. Khedker
Added 11 Dec 2010
Updated 11 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CORR
Authors Bageshri Karkare, Uday P. Khedker
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