Component specialization

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Component specialization
To our point of view, adaptability is a key characteristic of components and should be at the heart of any proper component model. However, contrarily to the object crystal-box model of reuse, which assumesfull access to the object implementation, this adaptability should be strongly guided in order to keep the necessary decoupling between the component producer and its consumers, another key characteristic of components. It turns out that the current component models and infrastructures fall short of conciling these two characteristics and only provide a superficial form of adaptation. Taking full advantage of the notion of component requires a deeper form of adaptation, which calls for considering program specialization tools and techniques as key elements of the component-based software engineering toolbox. MOTS-CLÉS : Adaptation, spécialisation de programme, évaluation partielle, découpage, composition en boîte grise, générateur de composant, définition de la notion de co...
Gustavo J. Bobeff, Jacques Noyé
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where PEPM
Authors Gustavo J. Bobeff, Jacques Noyé
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